Thursday, 28 May 2015

A fresh new start...

Today I took some time away from the bench to get this page back up and running! It has been long overdue, however the bench work has been non-stop since Boxing Day (yes, the day after Christmas last year....), BUT I did take my first week off last week with a short trip to Port Douglas. First time visiting but we'll be back for sure, the weather was glorious and the seafood even better! What a rude shock it was to come home to 4 degrees!
This week there are a couple of pendants underway, several ring resizes, a few stock pieces to be made, a new idea was born early in the week which I'm very excited to get started on soon. This little one I finished on Monday or Tuesday... time flies when you're having fun!

The days are certainly getting shorter, the heater (a very welcomed new addition) is on keeping the workshop nice and warm whilst I work. Though it's cold I still take some time in the day to wander my gardens, the roses have their last flush of blooms for this season, the ornamentals are shedding their spring-summer coat, leaving trails of beautiful burnt orange and yellow leaves over the lawns. The frosts are here, and before long I'll be up much earlier so I can start the winter maintenance in the garden before I head in to the workshop - for those who don't know, I love my garden, particularly my roses, I have over 70... it's a little hard to keep count Ô

Now back to the jewellery - have your rings had a good clean recently? If they're looking a tad under the weather give me a buzz or pop through a message. I'll be more than happy to bring them back up to sparkling for you.

Here are a couple more pictures to leave you with that remind me of my garden, and jewellery of course, every season is beautiful, I'll capture a few more to share with you later in the year Ô

 Ben & Isobel's wedding rings, resting in Isobel's beautiful bouquet of roses.

The cheeky autumn leaves running freely all over the lawn remind me of this Hessonite Garnet; I purchased this stone in October last year... I'm thinking a ring... Undecided whether I should go yellow gold or silver... And if it's one for the personal collection or one for you Ô

I'll be back next Wednesday with another update from the bench, until then - keep smiling ÔÔ

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