Wednesday, 3 June 2015

At the bench 03.06.2015

Happy Birthday June babies! Don't you have a lovely birthstone - Pearls!
Design choices are endless with this beautiful gem of the sea :)
If I can't decide on what to wear with an outfit, my pearl studs are my go-to piece. Simple, classy, elegant.

A couple of jewellery collections were dropped in for maintenance this week. The pieces are examined to ensure that they are still in a wearable condition, if they're not I do the necessary repairs once given the go ahead by my client. If I'm satisfied that they are wearable then it's a simple clean and polish.
Speaking of collections, not so long ago Mum and I went through her jewellery box; I was astounded at how much there was that she didn't wear anymore! I asked her why, she shrugged her shoulders "some doesn't fit, some are broken or I just don't love that style anymore." Surprise, surprise we sorted through what was there and there is enough material that is no longer wanted to make a bangle that she's been dying to get me to make! Yay! Now to work on the design to make sure it's perfect :)

Old, broken, no longer wanted jewellery doesn't need to sit in the bottom of jewellery box never to see the light of day again! Contact me, we can go through your collection and sort through it - some of it, if not all of it should be able to be recycled into something new!

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