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The butterfly is such a beautiful & powerful symbol. It signifies many things - beauty, strength, hope, comfort, change & transformation, loss, rebirth, remembrance.
Whatever it was that brought the butterfly to your journey, I hope this little token brings you joy and peace.


The Soul Notes Collection is a series of meaningful affirmation pieces, embossed onto disc talismans, to be treasured and instill a sense worthiness for the wearer.

The serenity pendant is constructed from a petite 8mm sterling silver disc. Beautifully embossed with an ornate butterfly, set with a 1.5mm round amethyst, and threaded onto a 45cm, Italian made sterling silver bead and cable chain.
It's perfect for every day wear for both adults and children.

At this length the pendant tends to sit approx 2-4cm from the base of an adult wearer's neck.

The serenity series will be available soon, as earring and also in the remaining birthstones.
9ct white, yellow & rose gold options set with or without gems can also be quoted & made on request.

Serenity Mini Pendant & Necklace with Amethyst

  • Sterling Silver

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