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Meet Jes

Jeweller ∞ Gemmologist ∞ Diamond Technologist. 

What started as a simple thirst for creating things by hand as a child quickly became Jes' lifelong career. Jes has been practicing as a jeweller for close to two decades and prides herself on quality hand crafted jewellery. Throughout her career, Jes has also worked within the jewellery industry as a gemmologist, specialising in grading and sourcing fine gems.


After a brief motherhood induced hiatus, happily raising her two young rambunctious and somewhat free range young boys,
Jessica Helen was re-established in early 2023 in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in Regional Victoria, Australia.

Jes is trained in both modern and traditional manufacturing techniques, spending countless hours on hand fabrication skills, restoration and design. Her pieces are produced in precious metals, however Jes is known to dabble in other artforms, creating mixed media artworks, sculptures and objects from time to time. 

The Jessica Helen online store is a growing feature of Jes' jewellery work, launching with the Kindred & Soul Notes Collections. There are a few more collections in the works that will be launched in the coming months.

Happy exploring!

The Handmade Process

Jes has learnt a broad variety of manufacturing processes over her career. She thoroughly enjoyed developing a traditional handmade production skillset, avoiding mass production methods of CAD and casting wherever possible. Scroll down to see the elements that make up Jessica Helen pieces.

Stock Gauge, Wire & Plate

Jessica Helen jewellery is produced in precious metals. Shaping these materials often requires periodical heating and quenching to increase malleability, as well techniques such as forming, bending and saw piercing. It sounds like a simple process, which in essence - it is! The complexity lies within the finesse in which every technique is executed. More often than requires working within tolerances of 0.1mm


Gemstones & Details

Jessica Helen pieces are inspired by Jes' Irish and Greek heritage. They are often heavily influenced by texture and geometry creating a sensory wonderland in each Jessica Helen piece.
As a gemmologist Jes prides herself in sourcing unique materials and uses utmost care when handling and selecting gemstones for each piece. Her favourite gems are tourmaline and sapphire, providing a myriad of colour choices to be applied

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